Hi! My name is Carly Hoogendyk ("Hoe-gehn-dike"). 

I am a New York based producer of live shows and digital media. I'm also a comedian, creative marketer, photographer, copywriter, and I bike everywhere so I do it all REAL FAST.

Currently, I am employed full-time as a booker and producer at Caveat (www.caveat.nyc).

A bit of background: After growing up in Phoenix, I graduated from Columbia University ('07) with a degree in creative writing and psychology.  My professional life has been all over the place but I probably learned the most while I was a bartender tbh. 

My recent resume is more or less what you'll find on my LinkedIn.


What I do (if you prefer lists, and like, most people do):

Produce: Live Events and Digital Content

Take event photography

Improvise Comedy

Strategize and Coordinate Creative Content Campaigns

Write Copy

Direct Theater

Raise Funds for Good Things

Illustrate Portraits