It’s pronounced "Hoe-gehn-dike"!

(But if you do say “Hoo-jen-dick” that’s pretty funny.)

Carly Hoogendyk is a New York based producer of live comedy, event photographer, and creative marketer (with experience in copywriting, producing digital content, and social media managing).

Carly grew up in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Columbia with a BA in Creative Writing and Neuroscience. Her professional background is more or less what you'll find on LinkedIn. Suffice to say, she’s worked a lot of neat places and done a lot of swell jobs — in eclectic spaces such as theater, publishing, architectural design, and parks. These days, her professional focus is on comedy (although she still harbors a soft spot for public parks, especially urban forestry). Her strengths are in communicating logistics, creating compelling visuals, managing talent, and working with contagious enthusiasm. For a spell, she was a booker and comedy producer at Caveat, an intelligent nightlife venue on the lower east side.

Currently, Carly is a creative producer on several monthly live comedy shows at venues throughout New York City.